We are a trust that was formed in 1991 to relentlessly work towards bringing good health and wellness into people’s lives. As a team of dedicated homoeopaths, our mission has been to work towards healing. We aim:

  • To impart skills and create expert practitioners developing new methods and advancements
  • To incorporate natural health sciences like Yoga, Meditation, Music, processes for mindfulness, diet and nature healing
  • And most of all to spread a holistic approach towards health and living.

Our trustees include some of the finest homoeopaths who have contributed to the development of Homoeopathy. Led by Dr Rajan Sankaran, we have Dr Jayesh Shah and Dr Sujit Chatterjee, all of them are international teachers with more than four decades of experience. We are guided by the chairman, prominent advocate Mr. K. K. Ramani.

Homoeopathic Research and Charities(HRC) has in the past three decades played a leading role in homoeopathic education and clinical training to homoeopathic graduates and practitioners all over the world. We have organized numerous seminars with international and national speakers, teacher’s training courses and clinical training sessions in which tens of thousands of homoeopaths have participated.

Besides these HRC also runs two charitable clinics. One is in the premises of The Other Song Academy in Andheri, Mumbai and the other is in the town of Lonavala in a space given to it by the Municipal Corporation.

Our years of Homoeopathic practice and intensive research led to the knowledge that no healing can happen in isolation. For every healing process to be complete and permanent we need to work simultaneously on the mind, body and spirit. As a group of homoeopaths, we dreamt of such a holistic centre as we sowed the seeds of Sampoornam.

Homoeopathy is renowned as a system of medicine that has the ability to treat the individual and not just the disease. Through extensive research Dr Rajan Sankaran and his colleagues found that at the basis of our disease lies a pattern of how we see and react to things that is unique to all of us. This is also the cause of stress.

This discovery created a huge shift in the practice of homoeopathy and made finding the remedy for the patient more accurate. Dr Rajan Sankaran also found that if each individual can become aware of his /her own pattern, this can greatly help his own healing. He therefore devised the WISE processes which can mirror your own pattern.

The healing process can also be enhanced by many other methods. Many of these methods were incorporated in The Other Song clinic in Mumbai founded in 2010. The Other Song is The International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy founded by the trustees of HRC along with other colleagues with the support of benefactors of Homoeopathy. This academy is now at the center stage of Homoeopathic education and treatment internationally.

However, a need was felt to create a centre where all of these methods of healing such as the WISE processes, diet, yoga, music, meditation, connection with nature and many more could be done in a place set amidst nature and removed from the humdrum of daily existence.

The HRC had already obtained a land measuring 5.5 acres situated on the banks of the lake Pawna near Lonavala. This beautiful, silent, natural place in between Mumbai and Pune was the ideal space to locate the healing centre.

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