BIRTH - Building Immunity & Resistance Through Homeopathy

Residential Retreat Personally Guided by Dr Rajan Sankaran (28 Feb - 5 March 2023)

It is said that even if one wins the rat race, one still remains a rat!

We are all increasingly becoming aware that as the stresses of the modern world work on us, we are losing our health, emotional stability and peace of mind. We are losing our bearings, our priorities and our life. We may be adding years to our lives but not life to our years. In order to recover what we are losing, we need to re-orient ourselves, to re-discover ourselves and where lies our true happiness and peace. We need to bring our attention to what can make us healthy in body, mind and spirit. Such a re-orientation is possible when we can find the right location in the midst of nature and we can find the right processes and guidance to make it happen. Then a complete healing can be initiated.


Situated in the midst of majestic mountains on the banks of lake Pawna in Lonavala where nature, stillness and freshness work their magic, Sampoornam (meaning: all encompassing, complete, whole) offers itself as a holistic healing centre. Come and experience through unique processes called WISE (Witnessing the Inner Song Experience) that stress is not outside, but inside you, arising from your own individual inner pattern. These processes, devised by us after three decades of research, take you towards an awareness of your pattern, along with complimentary processes like music, meditation, whole plant – based diet, yoga, nature walks, spiritual orientation and sharing. All of these together synergistically work on the body, mind and spirit to embark you on a journey to health, happiness and harmony. Sampoornam is an initiative of a charitable trust Homoeopathic Research and Charities.