WISE (Witnessing the Inner Song Experience)

These unique, specially designed processes for the mind, make you aware of your inner pattern. Tools like postures, paints, pictures, your own past experiences and many more are used to make you aware of your own pattern, take you deeper into it, help you recognise it and learn to witness it. This helps you to become a witness, Saakshi as it is called in Sanskrit.

Nature Walks

……At some point the walk becomes a meditative experience.


Be like the lotus…. while rooted in the mud, it floats above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.

Music Processes

“Often, we imagine that music is created by man. I experience that music is not created, it exists. It is an energy and not a material form. It is the same as colour, it is not created, it exists. When we listen, we must understand that the music is already there. We have to just tune into it”

Mindful Eating

We serve whole plant-based diet that is eaten with mindfulness and served with the essential ingredient of love.

Community Kitchen

Cook, learn and bond


When an Asan becomes so steady, one automatically aligns to the state of being.


A simple action of dish washing and garbage cleaning when performed with awareness turns into a meditative process.

Sharing Circle

Listening, expressing and understanding your own pattern as well as appreciating that every person has a unique melody playing within them. This brings a great clarity to each participant who begins to see that all reality is subjective and not objective. It creates a strong sense of bonding and community. You come as strangers and leave as a family.

Cooking Demonstrations

A time to share some exclusive whole plant based vegan recipes.

Freedom of movement

The whole group dances together, bonding as a community.