Future Plans

future plan 1 (1)

We have been successfully running five-day retreat programmes for the past 18 months, however, our larger vision for growth and expansion has now become a possibility through the Bajaj Corporate Social Responsibility funds (CSR) available for the project.

We are hence able to visualize a centre that is-

• Organically designed and eco – friendly
• of high international standards
• accommodating 60 people at a time
• dealing with the sole purpose of healing and wellness.

The Homeopathic Research and Charities’ trust having considered a number of possibilities, has appointed Mr. Rahul Kadam (The NGK Studio) as the architect for the project. Mr. Rahul Kadam is not only highly qualified but also has a strong inclination towards meditation, healing and veganism. He has also been involved in the designing and construction of other likeminded projects and healing centres in the country hence understands the underlying essence of such an institute.

Mr. Kadam’s detailed plans have been submitted to the HRC committee and Mr. Rajiv Bajaj. They are in the process of being finalized.

The plan by and large envisages 4 zones:

• Consultation rooms for doctors and healers.
• Auditorium, Amphitheatre, therapy rooms
• Kitchen and dining area
• Accommodation.

future plan 1 (2)

Keeping the eco- friendly construction and organically designed feature in mind we plan to predominantly use the readily available local material. A large part of the pristine and serene open landscape would be left untouched. We plan to retain and maintain all the trees in the area and at the same time we will focus on growing more trees on a larger scale. The construction plans have thoroughly studied wind directions hence taking care of adequate natural ventilation as an alternative to air conditioning. Our plans estimate a construction duration of about 24 months for the entire structure to be completed.

In the meantime, the five day retreats every two months will continue, thus creating an awareness of the program as well as constantly working towards refining it. Once complete as a centre considering its beautiful location we are open to sharing and letting out this place to likeminded groups for activities that deal solely with the purpose of healing and wellness. This would be open to all religions, faith and philosophies.