Architect Malak Singh Gill is a Mumbai based architect practicing architecture inspired by the local, alternative building materials, construction techniques, and crafts since 1999.





Having worked with Padmashree Architect Laurie Baker at COSTFORD; a pioneer of environment-friendly architecture, Architect Malak Singh is now working on propagating Bakerji’s vision all across India.

About the Architect
In his professional practice, he has achieved to make buildings without any cement or steel; preventing tonnes of carbon emissions from polluting the environment by using traditional construction materials like mud, unburnt bricks, lime, bamboo, local timber, terracotta roof tiles and local stone to build the structures.
An avid believer in learning and passing the knowledge to the younger generation of students, many of his students have now started their own practice in the field of eco-sensitive architecture.
He has been affiliated with various schools in Mumbai as a visiting faculty and has conducted hands-on workshops in various institutions with the aim to propagate his learning.