Our Founder

Dr Rajan Sankaran

Dr Rajan Sankaran is by profession and passion an internationally acclaimed Homeopath, teacher, researcher and author. He begins with no prejudice or knowledge and is willing to observe and experience what actually exists without any analysis or labels.

He shares his experience:

“Life is full of transitions and I was to discover that I had diabetes. I did not wish to treat this with allopathic medicine and so, I decided to take a holistic approach. I went on a health retreat to find a program that helped me control my stress, weight and the factors that contribute to the Diabetic condition. But this was not enough. We need to look at mental health, not just the body. The body, mind and spirit are one. We all have a different mindset and energy pattern, in the same circumstances we all react in a different way. We all see things differently. We only hear our own selves and see what we want to see. So, I needed to start to look at how I looked at my own reality.

We all need to do this, we all need to look. How do we perceive our situation? Are we losing something, or seeing someone as an aggressor? At a deeper level, that is often how we are looking at the whole issue, the subconscious mind is there. You cannot know this part of your mind and you can only experience the manifestations. Everything is determined by our own patterns. We are therefore trapped in these patterns. And so, I had to look at my own mind, patterns and manifestations. Within myself I was developing a holistic approach to my own health, I realized that we need to understand our patterns and how these determine our health, nature and wellbeing. I realized also for myself at this time that I needed to develop a spiritual approach in my life. I asked myself ‘Who is witnessing this drama of my life’? It was as though my life was like a movie. ‘Who is shooting this movie and what is behind it’? I did realize that there is a silence and peace behind this movie of our life. We not only must see and experience the movie, but we need access to the other planes of our experience. It was not until I had done this, that I was able to even think about this for my patients, doctors and students. It was an evolving process.

I realized there was a need for a course to share this awareness with everyone. I thought that if we could have few days of dedicated time then this was the best idea to help my patients and students. And so, I decided to share and replicate the experience from my own retreat as well as learning. The vision is to look inside and study ourselves, participate in cooking, making vegan food, walking in nature and meditating in a peaceful place. To work on the mind, body and spirit as a whole.”

This is how Sampoornam emerged. It works as a community along with Dr Rajan Sankaran and a dedicated team (details of the team to give? Speak to the team) The whole team aims to serve with love and strongly resonates with the same experience.