Dr. Meghna Shah

Dr Meghna Shah graduated as a homoeopath in the year 2000 from Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel homoeopathic medical college, Mumbai. After completing her graduation followed by 6 months residential post at the Mumbadevi homoeopathic hospital, Mumbai in 2001, she got an opportunity to work with Dr Rajan Sankaran. While assisting him at his clinic; she worked very closely with Dr Sankaran in several projects such as publications, organizing seminars, courses, research projects, etc.

She has worked extensively with Homoeopathic Medical Publishers (HMP), which publishes Dr Sankaran’s books; such as ‘An Insight into plants’, ‘The Structure- Experiences with Mineral Kingdom, ‘Sankaran’s scheme’, ‘The other song’, ‘Dog, Yogi, Banyan tree’, just to name the few. She has co-authored ‘Survival – The Reptiles’ (Volume 1 and 2) with Dr Sankaran.

Since the year 2010 Dr Meghna Shah took up the responsibility of the Dean of ‘the other song: International academy of advanced homoeopathy’ headed by Dr Rajan Sankaran. It also became the first institute in India to initiate PG fellowship courses in homoeopathy in association with the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. The academy now works in collaboration with HOPE (Homeopathy online portal for education) and Prana.

Dr Meghna practices at the other song clinic. She takes up limited teaching and mentoring assignments for which she has traveled to several countries.

Her passion for homoeopathy coupled with her keen interest in complementary holistic healing methods, for herself and patients; led her to become one of the trustees at ‘Homoeopathic Research and Charities’ (HRC). Dr Meghna is involved in activities of ‘Sampoornam’ an HRC initiative, geared up towards offering holistic health services through WISE (Witnessing inner song experiences) processes, music, meditation, yoga, diet, and overall spiritual orientation.